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Cast Lead Bullets 44 cal 240 FP pk/100

Cast Lead Bullets 44 cal 240 FP Tan 100 pk
Manufacturer: MCFM Lead Bullets
Availability: 40 in stock
SKU: MCFM-430-240-FP
Manufacturer part number: 430-240-FP
Old price: $13.80

Cast Lead Bullets 44 cal 240 FP Tan 100 pk

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45 Caliber Bullets 200 grain RNFP Outlaw pk/100

♦ Diameter .452
♦ Bullet Type Lead
♦ ~Grains 200
♦ Bullet Tip Round Nose Flat Point
♦ Brinell Hardness 10 – 12
♦ Max FPS 1000
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♦ Outlaw 45 Caliber Lead Bullets 2030 Grain RFNP for Reloading
What you see is what you get, it is NOT ammo, it can NOT be "shot"
    You must "reload" it with powder, primers and the brass casing

9mm Once Fired Brass pk/100

♦ 9mm Once Fired Brass and nickel cases
♦ Washed and polished 9mm Range Brass
♦ Cases for 9mm Reloading Brass
♦ Boxer Primer pockets
♦ No aluminum or steel
♦ 2% - 3% additional added to each package of 9mm brass
♦ High quality Reloading 9mm Cases
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Primers Pistol Large Federal pk/100 - LIMIT 5

Federal Large Pistol Primers.
Shipping is Free, but a UPS HazMat fee for all combined powders will be added. Sorry, no PO Boxes or AK or HI.
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44 Caliber Bullets 240 grain FP Berrys pk/100

♦ .429 diameter; 44 Magnum/44 Special
♦ 240 Grain Flat Point +
♦ Copper Plated
♦ Great for 44 Magnum/44 Special reloading 44 Magnum/44 Special ammo
♦ Bulk packaged
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Bullet Projectile Boxes MTM

Bullet Projectile Boxes from MTM. These hold BULLETS and assorted items, they are not for holding live ammo.