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APS Hand Priming Tool - RCBS

APS Hand Priming Tool - RCBS - New
Manufacturer: RCBS
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SKU: T-AM0302-10
Manufacturer part number: 88507
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New - APS Hand Priming Tool - RCBS


This APS Hand Priming Tool is revolutionary in a number of ways.

First, the universal shell holder completely eliminates the need for additional shell holders. It accepts case sizes from .32 ACP to 45-70.

Secondly, strips may be color coded for easy identification and holds 25 primers. With each handle stroke, a fresh primer is seated into the case and the primer strip is advanced through the APS body to position another primer for seating. The primer strips are designed to connect to each other for continuous feed.

The APS system also eliminates the handling of loose primers and the contamination that goes with it. Plus, it insures a smooth feed and a highly sensitive feel with every primer seated.

The APS Hand Priming Tool is also completely portable. You don't need to be tied down to your bench to prime. With a tool this fast, safe and convenient, hand priming has never been easier.

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